GaspraTM ARTiA

ARTiA is a timing analysis tool, part of GASPRATM. The tool has many innovative solutions that ensures:

  • Comprehensive system timing profiling and analysis.
  • Automatic detection of divergence between system requirements and its software implementation.
  • Smooth, fast and HW-debugger-independent integration.
  • Minimal prerequisites for integration process.
  • Smooth usage at any stage of the AUTOSAR program.
  • Non-AUTOSAR systems can be easily measured as well.
Demo Request
ARTiA Screenshot
Demo Request


  • Supports AUTOSAR R4.x, and R3.x.
  • Automatic ARXML files parsing and analysis.
  • Os Tasks and SWC Runnables timing analysis.
  • Interrupts and Critical sections timing analysis.
  • Multi-Core analysis.

Code Insights

  • Generic code timing analysis.
  • Execution time, Periodicity, Jitter and preemption time calculation.
  • Supports different implementations for CPU load calculation.
  • Identify system constraints violations.

Minimal Integration

  • Automatic code analysis and instrumentation.
  • Instrumentation overhead compensation calculation.
  • Offline log size buffer estimator.
  • Online system monitoring and analysis.
  • Offline analysis.


  • Interactive graphical visualisation.
  • Reports generation.
  • Multiple Reports comparing.
  • Excel reports exporting.