Our software meets customer’s requirements and is compliant with international quality standards.
ISO 26262ISO 9001 - International organization for standardization Automotive Spice badgeISO 27001 for Information security management

We are


Customer Focused

Flexible system that fits customer needs.

Process centered

Reliable and complete QMS

Continually Improving

Integrate tailoring, IPs & LLCs in the QMS

Disseminating Knowledge

Process training deployment

Software now controls almost 80% of vehicle’s functionality

That's why risk of failure due to software issues can not be afforded. Hence, a failure-proof process has to be in place to minimize all risks.

We follow a robust process

Avelabs has a strong QMS that ensures effective implementation of high end quality services covering all automotive development activities including System and Software development along with supporting activities as well.

A robust process is


Increasing organizational capability to repeat success


Providing a better reporting capabilities based on standardized objectives and indicators


Supporting a solid re-use capabilities between different projects


Enhancing engineers' utilization and assignation

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