Translating requirements into reliable solutions

"Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience"
— Clarence Day

Our Services

We provide tailored services that meet customer expectations. Avelabs team collaborates to bring projects to successful completion in a defined amount of time, with the highest quality and at a competitive cost.

AUTOSAR Development

AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR) is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, which supports standardization interfaces between application layer and basic software. Our experience entails all AUTOSAR configuration and integration activities as well as the development of different stacks. We have proudly been part of the AUTOSAR consortium since 2012.
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Adaptive AUTOSAR Development

Avelabs continues to support innovations in future technologies by offering talents in the Adaptive AUTOSAR Platform. Recent and future vehicle functions such as highly automated driving, interacting with external infrastructure systems and OTA are, along with other features, the focus of AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.
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Functional Safety

Avelabs has a dedicated team of Functional Safety engineers and managers. We offer a whole range of FuSa services from audits to process standardization and analysis.
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Cybersecurity Services

Avelabs team has several publications in Automotive Cyber-security which enables us to offer not only cyber-security analysis and services but also to conduct security awareness sessions around the world.
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Quality Services

Quality is integral in the Avelabs mindset, whether it is company organizational standards, engineering performance indicators or process implementation. Our team also includes certified quality assessors for external auditing services.
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Over-The-Air (OTA) Services

We are working on top edge platforms with talented engineers from all over the world to support the evolution of smart vehicles with OTA updates and differential updates.
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Validation & Verification

From system validation, component or module testing down to unit testing, Avelabs is ready to deliver world class validation services. Avelabs uses state of the art in-house as well as third party validation tools. In addition, we offer non-functional testing like timing analysis using our in-house GASPRATM ARTiA platform.
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